Did someone say “discount”?

For those planning to enter Southend 2023, the Earlybird coupon – 10% discount – expires tomorrow, Sat 4 February 2023. No time like the present!

The other two coupons, if you qualify for either – 60+ and U16 – are also worth -10% and continue with no timely restriction until close of entries. You can only use one coupon at a time, but if you enter the Rapid and a 7-Round section in the main congress in the same submission, the coupon is applied to both Entry Fees. If you have entered one part of the Festival and enter the other part later, you can apply a coupon for which you qualify to each. However, the coupons do not apply to donations, nor to the ECF Pay to Play Fee (if this is you).

Update 5 February 2023: The Earlybird coupon has now expired.

Links: Festival details | Entry Form (pdf) | Online entry

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