Southend Easter Chess Festival
6-10 April 2023

Play chess in England’s newest City!

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Southend Easter Chess Festival
6-10 April 2023

Southend Adult Community College, Ambleside Drive, Southend-on-Sea, SS1 2UN

They liked it!

“Thank you for running the congress over the Easter weekend, it was fun to be a part of.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s event, and look forward to taking part again next year!”

“Thank you for all your hard work in the organisation. It was a really seamless event and a pleasure to play in.”

“[…] tells me that it’s a lovely venue and there are lots of people partaking. Wishing you lots of success with the tournament.”

“…thanks for a great event that was well organised.”

“Many thanks to you and the other organizers for doing a great job with the tournament.”

“Thank you for an excellent competition.”

“…many thanks to you and your team for organising the congress.  It was a superb event and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

6 April 2023

6 April 2023

3rd Southend FIDE Rapid


1st Ieuan Ward, 5/6;
=2nd FM Michael Dougherty, FM Bob Eames, 4½;
21 entries


1st Andrej Gorskovs, 5½/6;
2nd Nick Lacey, 4½;
=3rd David Helsby, Alexandr Preslavtsev, Davi Afonso,4;
20 entries


1st Shrishti Shiva, 5½/6;
2nd Levi Weston, 5;
3rd Matthew Helsby, 4½.
17 entries

Full Prize List

7-10 April 2023
65th Easter Congress


1st GM Johan-Sebastian Christiansen, 6½/7;
=2nd Steven Jones, Savas Stoica, 5½;
Rating U1900, Ashley Freeman, 4½/7;
49 entries

FIDE and ECF U1900

1st Peter Laundy, 6/7;
2nd Julian Llewellyn, 5½;
=3rd Sydney Jacob, Oliver Finnegan, Alan Prince, Swati Singha, 5;
= Rating U1640 Alan Prince, Swati Singha, 5/7;
34 entries

ECF U1600

=1-2 Levi Weston, Shaoquan Shi, 5½/7
=3rd Joshua Davis, Ana Royce, 5;
U1475 Rating Jane Scott, 4/7;
28 Entries

ECF U1300

1st Shaoting Shi, 5½/7;
2nd Ethan Ricketts, 4½;
=3rd Paul Loasby, John Chapman, Rose Burgess, 4;
U1050 Rating Rose Burgess, 4.
11 entries

SCCU Championship

The SCCU Individual Championship 2022-23 was shared by Steven Jones and Savas Stoica, 5½/6 in the FIDE Open. Steven Jones is offered the British Championship place on tie-break.

Essex Championships

The Essex Champion for 2022-23 is FM Bob Eames (Loughton), 5/7 in the FIDE Open.

The Essex Minor Champion for 2022-23 is Peter Laundy (Basildon), 6/7 in the FIDE and ECF U1900.

Note: In the listings of winners in the Congress on this page, players are listed in all places/prizes for which they qualify. However, no player can win more than one prize, so when a player qualifies for more than one prize, the larger amount is paid. Actual prizes being paid can be seen in the Full Prize List, link below.

Full Prize List

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They liked it!

Here is a selection of the kind words we have received from entrants to the Southend Easter Chess Festival 2023. “Thank you for running the congress over the Easter weekend, it was fun to be a part of.” “I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s event, and look forward to taking part again next year!” “Thank you…

Prize List 2023

The Southend Easter Chess Festival 2023 which concluded on Monday 10 April, is pronounced a success. 178 players entered: 56 in the 3rd Southend Rapid on Thursday 6 April and 122 in the 65th Annual Congress 7-10 April. Congratulations to all the Prize Winners, who are listed via the link below and thank you to…

Rating Prizes

The Rating Prizes in the 65th Southend Easter Chess Congress, for the best score by player(s) rated below the levels indicated, have been set as below. If more than one player qualifies for any Rating Prize, the money will be shared, subject to… “No player can win more than one prize per section. In the…

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