Rating Prizes

The Rating Prizes in this year’s Congress will be as below. The second Rating Prize in the Open is additional to those advertised in the Entry Form. However, no Rating Prize is being awarded in the U1750 which had only six players, playing for three prizes.

Update 20 April 2022: The U1750 Rating Prize has been reinstated. See comments below and our blog article “Retraction and apology” of the same date.

Rating Prizes will be presented for the best score by player(s) within the rating bands shown. In the Open, the U2000 rating band extends from 1999-1800 inclusive and the lower band 1799 and below.


U1900 section

U1600 section

U1450 section

2 thoughts on “Rating Prizes

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for organizing this congress.

    My name is Gert De Block and I scored 3.5 out of 7 in the U1750.

    According to me, and most of other participants, there was an announcement of an arbiter (a young guy) who said there would not be a rati ng prize but a 4th prize.

    No matter, but you cannot announce on your flyer there will a rating prize for all sections and then not award it.

    I can see economics but you cannot increase prize fund from 3000 to 4170 but abolish prizes in U1750.

    You have to stick to your promises in this case.

    Best wishes,


    1. Thank you Gert for your views on the U1750 Rating Prize.

      The Organisers have considered your comments and agree to reinstate the Rating Prize for the U1750 section. We also apologise for having withdrawn the prize in contradiction to the prizes as published in the Entry Form.

      The U1750 Rating Prize is awarded for the best score by a player rated under 1590 and goes to Andrew Duffell (1581), who scored 2½ points.

      Giant Chess


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