Live games online

We hope you are enjoying the live games broadcast round-by-round – the top three boards in the FIDE Open. We have added a couple more buttons to link to those games from the Home page, a button on the Congress page and there’s another link below.

A few tips for finding your way around the DGT game viewer: the tool bar at the bottom of the screen allows navigation within each game including buttons to move up and down between boards and others to flip the board and go full screen. Also, if you are viewing on a computer with a keyboard, the up and down cursor arrows also allow you to move between boards.

However, there is another navigation feature which you might not have discovered yet. Click on the title bar – where it says “Southend FIDE Open 2022” – and you get a new navigation panel. This allows you to select any game from any round. All games remain available for each round.

Live games in the Open

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