Notice: eligibility date change

After discussion with our Chief Arbiter, the elgibility condition for the rating-limited sections has been changed from that originally advertised, which was February list for elibility and April list for pairings.

Now, eligibility and pairings will both use the lists at 1 April 2022. For the ECF list, the rating termed the “Latest Official Original Monthly Rating (fixed)” and shown in bold blue figures on the ECF rating website is the rating which will apply.

Players who enter before April and whose eligibility for the section entered changes on publication of the April list(s), may be moved to another section. At least there will be a little over three weeks between the publication of the lists and the Congress, so any players affected by this will have time to consider and, of course, if they decide to withdraw, entry fees will be returned in full.

For ECF ratings, monthly lists as applied to future events, is a new thing, but for FIDE events it is not; FIDE lists have always been published monthly. On investigation, we found that eligibility in the list current in the month of the tournament is normal.

The four players who have entered rating-limited sections have been notified of this change.

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