2nd Southend Rapid

Fifty-nine players contested the 2nd Southend Rapid, played 14 April 2022, divided among Open, Major U1700 and Minor U1400 sections.

In each event, there was an outright winner, but a tie for second.

1st FM David Haydon, 5½/6;
=2nd FM Joakim Nilsson, John Potter, Mohammaed Aayan Ismail, 4½.
22 entries.
Full results: 2SR_Open

Major U1700
1st Luoke Wang, 6/6;
=2nd Oliver Stockham, Mae Catabay, 5.
21 entries.
Full results: 2SR_Major

Minor U1400
1st Huzaifa Baig, 5/6;
=2nd Matthiew Phillips, Ivan Dunnachie, Benedict Lewis, Christopher Adams, 4.
16 entries.
Full results: 2SR_Minor

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