SCCU Individual Championship 2022 to be awarded at Southend

We are delighted to announce that the SCCU Individual Championship 2022 shall be awarded at this year’s Southend Easter Chess Congress. The SCCU Championship comes with a British Championship Qualifying place.

SCCU Championship 2022
The highest place finisher(s) in the Open eligible to play for a county with affiliation to the SCCU or other association with a non-county SCCU member shall be declared Southern Counties Chess Union Champion(s).

British Championships 2022 – SCCU qualifying place
The SCCU Champion shall receive the Union’s nomination.
In the event of a shared Championship, the SCCU nominee shall be determined by applying the tiebreak provisions for the Open to the eligible placed finishers who have not otherwise qualified for the British Championship by other means.

Tie-break regulations for the Southend FIDE Open
Ties for any trophies will be resolved by the Sum of Progressive Scores and, if necessary, the Sum of Opponents’ Scores.

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