Notice: eligibility date change

After discussion with our Chief Arbiter, the elgibility condition for the rating-limited sections has been changed from that originally advertised, which was February list for elibility and April list for pairings. Now, eligibility and pairings will both use the lists at 1 April 2022. For the ECF list, the rating termed the “Latest Official OriginalContinue reading “Notice: eligibility date change”

Planning for Southend 2022

The organising committee is busy planning for the return of the Southend Easter Chess Congress, this year; last held in 2019. Venue will be, as before, the Southend Adult Community College in Ambleside Drive, near Southend East station (c2c line). Dates will be 14-18 April, 2022, starting with the 2nd Southend FIDE Rapid on ThursdayContinue reading “Planning for Southend 2022”

When will the Congress return?

What the future holds, we can only wait to see. The organisers, Giant Chess, are committed to resuming the series of great Southend Chess Congresses as soon as this is possible. So long as social-distancing is in force, over-the-board chess is not practical. Of course, if the virus returns next year, we may find ourselvesContinue reading “When will the Congress return?”