Southend 2022

14-18 April 2022
Southend Adult Community College, Ambleside Drive, Southend, SS1 2UN

Generously supported by the Essex Chess Association


Organised by Giant Chess

Arbiters: Adam Raoof, Norman Went, Michael Flatt and Rob Hammond


Thank you for your entry to the 64th Southend Easter Chess Congress!

You have reached the landing page of the Congress website. This page is exclusively for entrants to the Congress. It is not linked to the main site navigation, so please bookmark this page so that you can return here when you wish.

You can find here details of the Congress schedule and other information that you might like to know.


Venue: Southend Adult Community College, Ambleside Drive, Southend SS1 2UN.

By road: Venue map below. There is a large free car park on site.

By rail: 200 yards from Southend East station, c2c line

Map link: Congress venue


Accommodation near Southend East station

Congress Schedule


1 day, 6 rounds. G25+5
Thursday 14th April – Round 1 10.30 am, finish by 6.00 pm.

7-Round sections

Friday 15th April
Saturday 16th April
Sunday 17th April
Monday 18th April

Round 1 at 11am, Round 2 at 4pm
Round 3 at 11am, Round 4 at 4pm
Round 5 at 11am, Round 6 at 4pm
Final Round 7 at 11am

Time controls

Rapid G25+5
All moves in 25 minutes plus 5 seconds increment per move.

All 7-Round sections G90+30
All moves in 90 minutes + 30 seconds increment per move.

NB In accordance with the FIDE Laws of Chess, when an increment is 30 seconds or more, all moves must be recorded, even if your time remaining goes below 5 minutes.


For all sections players’ ratings in lists at 1 April 2022 will be used. If you have entered a rating-limited section and, after publication of the April lists, are no longer eligible for the section you have entered, you may be moved. If this happens to you and you do not wish to play in the higher section, entry fees will be refunded in full should you then wish to withdraw.

The FIDE Open and the FIDE U1900 results will be submitted for FIDE rating. All sections, including the Open and U1900, will be submitted for ECF rating.


The Prize Fund for the Congress is a guaranteed minimum of £3,000. To this guaranteed minimum will be added any surplus of income over expenses, when all income has been received and all expenses have been met, or for which a reserve is retained, to make the Congress Prize Fund (“CPF“).

The prize fund for each section is expressed as a percentage of CPF and the individual prizes as a percentage of the section. The eventual total prize money available will be published on the website in due course. As a guide, the minimum figures are included below based on a CPF of £3,000 (which may be increased).

Where ties occur, prize money will be shared. Ties for any trophies will be resolved by the Sum of Progressive Scores and, if necessary, the Sum of Opponents’ Scores.

Prizes per section


FIDE Rapid, 3 sections
Open/Major/Minor – 5% of CPF for each section
Prizes each section: split 70%, 30%
Minimum each section: 1st £105, 2nd £45.

7-Round sections

FIDE Open – 37% of CPF split 50%, 30%, 15%, Rating 5%
Minimum: 1st £555, 2nd £333, 3rd £167, Rating £56.

FIDE Under 1900 – 21% of CPF split 50%, 30%, 15% Rating 5%
Minimum: 1st £315, 2nd £189, 3rd £95, Rating £32.

*ECF, 3 Sections – 9% of CPF sections, split 50%, 30%, 15% Rating 5%
Minimum U1750 and U1450: 1st £135, 2nd £81, 3rd £41, Rating £14
Minimum U1600: 1st £185, 2nd £111, 3rd £56, Rating £19.
*The U1600 section includes, in addition, the Frank Sealey Prize (£100)

NB In due course, these proportions will be replaced by the actual figures when income and expenditure (net of prizes) is known.

David Wood Junior Prize

In addition to other prizes the sum of £75 will be provided by the David Wood Memorial Trust, for the best performances by Essex Juniors (Under 18 on 31 Aug 2021). For the avoidance of doubt, this prize is NOT included in the Guaranteed Prize Fund.

Prize Giving

Prizes will be distributed by Bank transfer. There will be no Prize Giving ceremony. Players in the prize list will be asked to provide their bank details.

Giant Chess

Giant Chess is John Chapman, Ian Hunnable and Norman Went, a not-for-profit unincorporated association of individuals formed specifically for running the Southend Easter Chess Congress. All three have been involved with running the Congress since 2015 and John Chapman was involved as the Congress Scecretary with the previous organisers and founders, Southend Chess Club.

Giant Chess was formed in 2019 by Constitution. Regretfully, the first Congress organised under the new formation was the ill-fated 2020 Congress which had to be cancelled due to covid.

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